Perfil de Calidad – Quality Profile (PdC)

System name

Perfil de Calidad – PdC (Quality Profile)

System initiator and operators

PdC was developed by the Instituto Valenciano de la Edificación (IVE), with support from the regional public administration. IVE is also the operator of PdC.

Assessment categories

Energy saving, Environmental protection or Sustainability, Noise protection, Accessibility for disabled people, Functionality of spaces


Currently this certificate is only used in the in Valencian Community and Region of Murcia, Spain. Nevertheless it is technically possible for IVE to tailor the PdC criteria and processes to the regulation of other Spanish regions, and develop a network of data handlers to manage certificate requests.


The assessment is conducted for each 5 categories. Project features are valued in points. “High Level” rating is awarded for scores over 40, while “Very High Level” is earned for scores is in excess of 55 points. These levels are identified by the colors gold and silver, respectively. PdC certification requires achieving at least the ‘High Level’ rating in the ‘Energy saving’ and ‘Environmental protection’ categories. So that minimum requirements are (for new and existing buildings) 40 points in Energy saving and 40 points in Sustainability.


The PdC certification process is carried out in two main phases:

  1. Design Phase:
    • The project technical team fixes the PdC rating level the project is aiming to achieve under each PdC assessment category.
    • The result of this assessment is submitted to IVE, which appoints an accredited auditor to assume responsibility for building control and review. The appointed auditor is either part of IVE or an external specialist, in building quality control, contracted by IVE. The auditor bears no direct financial relationship with the project team or promoter. If the control is favorable, the provisional certificate is granted.
    • Promoter and technicians can advertise homes with provisional brand PdC.
  2. Building Phase:
    • This phase takes into account the changes that may occur to the original project during construction. The auditor has to inspect the building in construcction and control the final document of the project. The final PdC certificate is granted upon final site inspection of the completed project.
    • The final PdC certificate is granted , and Promoter and technicians can advertise homes with brand PdC.
    • IVE organises events with local and regional authorities to present project teams with the certificate and plates their projects have earned and contribute to project these buildings.

Quality assurance
IVE operates in compliance with the EN-ISO-IEC 17065 standard, which establishes the requirements for bodies certifying products such as impartiality, independence, confidentiality, continuous improvement, etc. All accredited auditors (whether internal or external) are trained architects or building engineers and are required to pass an accreditation test. IVE monitors of its auditors with the quality procedure (confidentiality, impartiality, etc.)

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